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Search Assistance

Want help with how to find birth parents and birth families? We help with adoption record searches, online research and DNA testing.

Research Tips

Our site includes best practices on how to search online, utilizing DNA test results, and in depth online research for family connections.

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Tell Stories

We have been inspired by the positive power experienced by bringing families together. We want to share that with others. Hear the stories and join our team to help!

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Our Mission

Thousands of people a day are wanting to know how to find birth parents and their biological heritage.
Our goal is to provide help to all of them.
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

We provide assistance and support to those who do not know biological family members and want to find them.

We use all available tools and technology to help adoptees (and other individuals) in the search for their missing or unknown family members. We work in teams and utilize evolving processes to discover the origins and heritage of those we are helping.

We believe that families are the fundamental building blocks of society. We believe that the solutions to the greatest troubles in our world include the mission to bring the human family together. This will be a major step in healing the global family.

Our Team

These folks are on a mission!


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