What is an Adoption Triad?

The adoption triad refers to the three primary entities involved in the adoption process: birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee. It recognizes the interconnected relationships and shared experiences among these three essential components in the adoption journey. The concept emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and understanding the perspectives, emotions, and needs of each member
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What is an Adoption Agency?

An adoption agency plays a crucial role in facilitating the complex and sensitive process of adoption. It provides essential services for birth parents, adoptive parents, and, most importantly, the child being adopted. Why is an Adoption Agency Important? Key reasons why adoption agencies are important include: 1. Expert Guidance: Adoption agencies offer expertise in navigating
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NPE Meaning | Everything You Need to Know About Non-Parental Events

The acronym “NPE” has many possible definitions about DNA testing and family discoveries. It is commonly defined as a “Non-Paternity Event,” “Not Parent Expected,” or other versions defining an event where the discovery of different biological parentage than previously known. At DIscoverFamily.net, we have received thousands of request from people worldwide trying to determine who
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What is kinship adoption?

What is Kinship adoption?

Kinship adoption is a type of adoption where a child is adopted by a family member or someone else with a close familial relationship to the child. Some key points about kinship adoption: • It allows a child who needs adoption to stay within their extended family and maintain existing bonds. Kinship adoption keeps them
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